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While some jobs enable you to get underway with a minimum of training, becoming an electrical contractor is thankfully not one of them. In this case you will be required to undertake a considerable amount of training in order to be fully qualified, but it is well worth the effort you will put in.

Here is some more information that should help you understand how electrical contractor training works in South Africa.

What is the ultimate goal of electrical contractor training?

The end goal is to become a certified electrical contractor. This means you have been fully certified to perform electrical work.

What is required in order for you to reach this stage?

You will need to go through an apprenticeship as an electrical contractor. This is the first stage and many would be electricians find apprenticeships with major players in the world of industry in South Africa. Names such as Sasol and Eskom are good examples of this.

However taking part in an apprenticeship is not always necessary. According to Section 28 of the Manpower Training Act, you can gain experience in other ways before moving on to the next stage. This might be with an experienced electrical contractor who is approved to be an accredited person capable of training someone else.

Before you can move on to become fully qualified you will also need to pass the trade test. This is the test all would be electricians must successfully pass.

You will require at least three years worth of experience in the field before you can get to the stage where you can sit the trade test. In this case you would also need N2 electrical trade theory, plus the completion of the modules from M0 to M7. These modules should be completed with the assistance of an accredited provider.

If you do not have these modules under your belt you will still need the N2 electrical trade theory, but you will need five years worth of practical experience in the field to support it. Once you fulfil one of these situations you can consider sitting the trade test to become fully qualified.

How and where can you get a proper apprenticeship to get started in your electrical contractor career?

There are many companies in South Africa that take on apprentices in this field. Major businesses in the electrical and metal industries may advertise for apprentices, so watch out for adverts and search for apprenticeships that may be made available in your area. Not only will you get good training with a large company, you will also be able to get inside knowledge of potential job openings there once you are qualified.

Of course you may also be able to find an accredited electrical contractor who is willing to take you on and show you the ropes. You will also need to prove the knowledge you have before you can complete the trade test to become an electrician.

So you see this is a promising career if you have what it takes to get through the training.

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