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    It probably won’t come as a huge surprise to learn that fitness instructors are fully qualified to perform their jobs. The term ‘fitness instructor’ is a fairly all encompassing term, which is why you will find a number of courses available that will be of interest to you.

    Fitness Instructor Training more info….

    Here is some more information about the training that is available for those who want to become fitness instructors in South Africa. One word of advice before we begin properly – every course you consider should be accredited by the South African Qualifications Authority. Look for the acronym SAQA to confirm whether this is the case when you are searching for suitable courses and training programs.

    What types of fitness instructor training programs are available?

    There are lots of training programs and courses available from a variety of SAQA accredited organisations in South Africa. It is important to understand there is a hierarchy in the qualifications though. For example you wouldn’t train to become a Pilates instructor until you had a certificate in Exercise Science or an equivalent qualification.

    Generally speaking each course you can take will tell you whether you must take other courses first. So have a look at the courses that interest you and then work back from there. For instance if you know you want to be an indoor cycling instructor, see what the requirements are to take other courses first.

    How long does it take to get the required qualifications?

    It depends on the course you are taking. Generally speaking most courses in Exercise Science take place over about six weeks. However while they are typically Monday to Friday they quite often take place in the evenings. This makes it possible to attend the course if you are currently working full time in another profession and you want to retrain to become a fitness instructor.

    Other courses merely take a few hours. A good example is a course on becoming a step instructor. These more focused courses generally take a few hours to complete, and they are often spread over a weekend – again allowing you to fit them in around an existing job if you are training for a new career while working in an existing one.

    What happens once you have your basic qualifications?

    It is then up to you which other qualifications you want to get. For example you could train to become a step instructor, or to give kettlebell workshops. There are also group fitness instructor courses that give you the required skills to work with a group of people. Another option would be to take a course that qualifies you to become a personal trainer. This is the ideal path to take if you want to help people achieve their fitness goals on a one-on-one basis, rather than simply taking a group on a regular basis. Many fitness instructors find this more rewarding.

    As you can see, whatever path you want to take as a fitness instructor, there is a course and a qualification that will suit you.

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