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    Are you interested in becoming a graphic designer? If you are the best course of action is to think about becoming properly trained to do the job. Here we have given more information about graphic designer training. We also answer some of the most popular questions concerning the topic. It may help you to make the right decisions in moving forward in your career.

    What kind of training is required in order to become a graphic designer in South Africa?

    There is no single preferred path to becoming a graphic designer. For example you could take a short course that can be completed in a short period of time and then gain practical experience of your own to find jobs. Alternatively you could opt for a longer course, perhaps a diploma or the ultimate – a degree in graphic design. The choice is yours, but it is worth looking to see which qualifications are typically asked for in the job ads you have been looking at.

    Are there many schools or universities offering this type of training?

    Things have definitely improved in this area in recent years. At one time there were very few schools that focused purely on design, but this has thankfully changed. The Ekurhuleni East College of FET has a creative department, and there are several universities with visual arts and/or design departments as well, including the University of Stellenbosch and the University of Johannesburg.

    Elsewhere you will find a selection of independent graphic design schools to consider. These are worth looking into as well, as they offer a wide range of courses that could put you on the path to gaining qualifications to take forward into your new career.

    Do you really need to be trained to be a graphic designer?

    This is a common question, since there are no safety issues or other important issues surrounding this profession that would make training absolutely vital. It is true to say there are freelance graphic designers who have built up their own careers with no graphic designer training at all. However they normally have a real flair for the job and thus find it easier to develop their own websites and promote their services than other people would. Also there is the fact that designing their own website to sell their services stands as a test of their experience and skills.

    Many graphic designers do have training though, so you shouldn’t assume it is best not to bother with graphic designer training. Indeed, if you want to apply to get work in a graphic design studio you will certainly need qualifications to help maximise your chances of getting the role you want. Whatever job you apply for, you can be sure the competition will have proper training, which means you should know and understand how to boost your chances of getting the job you want. This means getting the best training from a recognised school or university in the field.

    So you can see it makes sense to ensure you are properly trained, no matter whether you see your future as working in an agency or working for yourself.

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    • JT says:
      November 29, 2012

      Really Informative. This site has really opened my eyes to the many options I have.

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