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    It should go without saying that hairdressing is an art to be studied and learned. No one ever walked into a hairdressing salon, picked up a pair of scissors and started cutting people’s hair without proper training. All jobs that ask for hairdressers will require applicants to have completed proper hairdresser training before they will even consider them for the position.

    So let’s find out more about hairdresser training now. If you are considering this career, the following information should help you plan ahead and find the appropriate training course for your needs.

    What qualification is required in order to become a hairdresser?

    In order to enter this career you will need to study for the National Certificate in Hairdressing. This is a SAQA qualification (South African Qualifications Authority), so be sure to look for these letters on any course you find. These letters confirm the qualification will be recognised by other people in the industry.

    The qualification is listed as a level 2 qualification and it will give you a wide base on which to build a rewarding career. Not only will you learn how to cut hair, you will also learn the importance of cleanliness and be able to perform a range of other duties in a hair salon. These will include dealing with customers, working on reception and also promoting and selling various hair care products.

    Is there more than one qualification to study for?

    Yes, once you have completed your level 2 qualification, you can go ahead and study to complete the level 3 qualification as well. This is also a SAQA accredited qualification, and it covers far more information on hair cutting services. For example you will learn about colouring and also about various haircuts that can be offered to men and to women.

    Clearly it makes sense to progress onto this course after completing the first one. You should think of the first one as laying the groundwork for your career; this level 3 course will give you far more in depth cutting skills which are necessary in order to become a successful hairdresser.

    Is there any other training to be considered?

    While the above two qualifications are the most important ones to have, you can also consider going for the level 4 training course if you wish. This is optional really, since it will give you more in depth information on creating your own hair salon. This may not be something you would want to do initially, but later on you may wish to come back and go through this training course to prepare you for starting your own business.

    As you can see there is a lot of supportive training provided for anyone who wants to become a hairdresser. Generally speaking if you opt for full time study you can expect to qualify after a year. Obviously it will take longer if you want to study part time alongside your current job, so bear this in mind. Either way the qualifications will open the door to a career as a hairdresser.

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