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    Most jobs require you to do training of some kind, and locksmiths are definitely no exception. This is one career you cannot enter until you have had the formal training, so if you want to find out more about it read on. You will need to devote time and energy to completing the required training, but once you have done so a promising career will await you.

    Can you become a locksmith without doing any training?

    No – you must undergo an approved and accredited training program before you embark on a career as a locksmith. The South African Qualifications Authority approves locksmith courses so make sure the initials SAQA appear on the course you have found that you want to complete.

    If you choose a course that looks tempting but is not accredited, you could find it is a waste of time. Even though you may learn something by doing the course it may not be recognised by people who will advertise for locksmiths to join their businesses.

    Can you get a place on an apprenticeship?

    Yes it is possible to get either an apprenticeship or a learnership in order to find your way into this industry. More information on both of these possibilities can be found at SASSETA. This is the Safety and Security Sector Training and Education Authority, and it gives out information on both types of training and learning opportunities within the security industry. Locksmithing is a part of this industry.

    What kind of qualification should you look for?

    You can get a National Certificate in Locksmithing which is approved by the South African Qualifications Authority. The certificate will enable you to start a career in locksmithing, whether you work for someone else or you become an independent contractor, working for yourself.

    You will also learn how to cut keys, which is another part of the business. While someone who cuts keys and performs no other services is not strictly a locksmith, many locksmiths will provide key cutting services as well. So it is interesting to see the differences between the two areas.

    Are there more specialist paths you can go down?

    Yes there are, and indeed this is where the money can be found. While we tend to think of a lock as just that – a lock – locksmiths know there are many different kinds of locks. Some will end up specialising in particular types of locks. A good example would be safes. If you decided to specialise in unlocking safes you would be able to charge more for your services, since not all locksmiths are able to unlock a wide range of safes. Generally speaking the more specialised you get the more you can charge as a result.

    As you can see, training is an essential first step towards a career in locksmithing. Once you have that first all important qualification under your belt you can focus on furthering your career and earning more money in the future as well. The future for locksmiths is bright.

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