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There are some jobs that require strict training in order for you to be able to do them, and a nurse is one of these. As you will see there are quite precise requirements in order for you to even embark on the training, and the training itself will see you learning many new skills.

Let’s find out more about what you can expect from nurse training courses.

What course do you need to pass in order to get the required nurse training?

You can take a diploma course, but the better option is to take a degree course, which will result in you acquiring a BCur degree. This stands for the Bachelor of Nursing Science, and if you pass it you will become a properly qualified nurse.

What are the requirements for getting onto the degree course?

These may vary depending on the university you apply to, but in general you will require a National Senior Certificate that includes appropriate passes in maths and physical sciences. If you have life sciences as well, this may improve your chances of getting onto the course. Check to see you have the required AP score for each subject; this will be indicated by the university you are looking to enter.

How long does the training last?

You can expect to spend four years going through nurse training to qualify as a nurse. The training will cover such areas as anatomy, terminology, psychology, nursing studies, pharmacology and health research, to name just a few. Each year has a specific focus, although some areas (such as the dynamics of nursing practice) will appear every single year. These areas will be developed and your knowledge expanded as you go through the course.

What does the degree course allow you to do once you have qualified?

You can work as a nurse in lots of different settings. The course is designed to give you the skills you require to work in many nursing roles, although you would need further experience and training to go into a specialist role. You will be fully prepared to work in general nursing situations such as in hospitals and clinics. You can also look at going into the community if you wish, working on a one to one basis with many different patients in different ways.

The degree course will also provide information on areas such as microbiology, philosophy and psychology, so you can see it is a fairly all encompassing area to go into.

Do you have to qualify for the degree course?

Yes, you do in terms of having the right qualifications as described above. However you will also have to sit the entrance test for the university you want to enter. Thus having the right qualifications is not the only thing you will need to have. Only the best candidates get to embark on the course, so make sure you put in the required work. If you work hard you stand a much better chance of getting onto a nurse training course.

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