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    There are lots of opportunities for web designers in South Africa, particularly if they are well trained and have experience in this job role. If this career appeals to you, it is well worth finding out more about web designer training.

    Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about training in this field.

    Do you actually need web designer training?

    Perhaps surprisingly, you don’t always have to show professional qualifications or training in order to make inroads into this profession. Most companies looking to hire web designers in South Africa will do so on the strength of the experience you have. While you can gain experience in a junior position, you can also gain experience on your own.

    For example you might be able to create one or two websites of your own. You may set up a blog as a web designer that you could show people when you are going for interviews. This is one job where the experience you can show is often worth much more than a qualification you get in a classroom.

    Are there any other routes into the profession other than through training?

    There are two main routes you can try. The first really elaborates on what we have mentioned above. Set up a website to showcase your skills and start making contacts in the business. Making a name for you and your skills is one way to create opportunities in the web designing business that may not have been there otherwise. Network with people and see what happens.

    You can also get other smaller jobs with web design companies and businesses that are big enough to have a separate web design department. Even a part time job could get you in a position to learn more from the inside, and you may be able to start learning some more web design skills during your initial junior position.

    Which training courses are the best ones to try?

    If you feel you do need some training, opt to get a National Diploma in Information Technology. This will give you a good grounding in the area and show you are keen to learn more about it.

    In addition there are other courses you can take that will give you a basic start in the topic. These can include an understanding of the key principles of web design, the basics of html and many other associated topics. Some training courses can be studied over the internet too, so there is a possibility of being able to further your studies while working in your existing job.

    As you can see there are lots of opportunities for the web designer who truly knows their stuff. But in this case, training can mean learning your own way and creating your own websites as well as getting more structured and professional training. This is good news for those with considerable talent who don’t have the finances to pay for a proper training course in web design.

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