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  • Warning: Not All Web Design Courses Were Created Equal

    Web Design CoursesIf you take a look on the internet it won’t take long to find several websites offering courses in web design. It seems the business of offering courses in web designing is almost as tempting as becoming an actual web designer.

    But there is a caveat to be aware of here. There is truth in the title of this article, as you may realise when you look online for information on web design courses. There are a lot of them about – so how do you know which ones are good and which ones to avoid?

    Be wary of ads that aren’t backed up by a website

    Some adverts promoting web design tuition or courses are often one or two line ads on various classified ad websites. Unbelievably some of these adverts have a contact number and no website to promote their offering. This means you would be paying several hundred rand to be taught web design by a company or individual that doesn’t even have their own website. I’m sure you see the problem with this.

    Be wary of ads that promise R1000s once you’ve completed them

    Make no mistake: even if you choose a web design course and go through it step by step, there is no guarantee of a job or any freelance work after it. Yet some courses will lure you in with the promise of being able to create great websites for people after just 3 days of training, or a few hours of training. And they say you’ll earn hundreds or even thousands of rand in the process. Again, be wary – these are the kinds of courses to avoid.

    The best courses will take months or longer to complete and result in a proper qualification

    Many courses offer a certificate at the end of them. But not all these certificates are worth anything. If you are going to study a course for several months in order to get a certificate at the end of it, make sure it is going to be recognised by potential employers.

    For example the Certified Internet Web Design buy viagra online canadian online pharmacy cialis online Specialist qualification would be recognised in South Africa and also in other countries across the world. Similarly the ECDL/ICDL WebStarter course is recognised as being a good initial course to take that is recognised in many countries. Since the internet gives you the possibility of creating websites for people in other countries than just South Africa, having a qualification that is recognised around the world certainly won’t do you any harm.

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    • shaun says:
      October 27, 2012

      Finally! I have been searching for information about starting a career, and all I fond where so many places just telling me how easy it is with no real info, but I got some really good info from your site.

      The information here has helped me out a lot. Really good site bro!

    • Omar says:
      November 11, 2012

      I see those adds all the time that promise huge salaries once you finish their program. I want to be a designer, but I want to study at a good school. Not one that is just trying to trick me by getting my hopes to high about my starting salary.

      In most professions you have to work from the bottom up. That is fine if it is something you like to do. I wish those school would just be honest and say that.

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