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  • Warning: Plumbing Jobs Can Be Good for Your Bank Balance

    Plumber WagesIf you are thinking about training to be a plumber, you will undoubtedly want to know how much you can expect to earn once you have qualified to do the job. The good news is that this is a trade so you will have the potential to earn a very good income indeed.

    So here is the low down on what to expect from a plumbing career in South Africa.

    What is the lowest reasonable income you can expect as a plumber?

    It does vary of course, but information found online recently pointed to an income of around R42,900 at the lower end of the scale.

    What about the salary at the upper end of the scale?

    This may surprise you, but the highest amount given for someone working as a plumber was an impressive R258,994.

    Does the salary vary depending on the exact type of work performed as a plumber?

    Yes, there can be variations between the earnings gleaned from different industries. The most popular ones indicated for the earnings given above included plumbing contractors and construction work.

    There is obviously a large gap between the lowest and the highest salaries above, but the interesting thing was that they were quite consistent between different job types. A contractor’s lowest salary was R39,163 while the lowest for a plumber working in construction was R42,190. The upper salary was better in construction, but it was still not far behind in the contracting business.

    Does the amount of time spent in the industry have a bearing on how much a plumber can earn?

    Experience certainly does count for a considerable amount, although not perhaps by as much as you may think.

    In fact there was some disparity between the amount of income earned by those with five years or more of experience than there was for those working for shorter times. So clearly you have to look for the best opportunities in South Africa at the moment, and look for positions that will enable you to earn more money.

    Does overtime factor into it?

    Yes it definitely does. Plumbers who work overtime will typically be paid a higher rate than they would for their usual working hours. This means they will be able to rake in more cash over a period of time they are working longer hours.

    Usually it doesn’t matter what type of plumbing jobs you take, since you will always get call outs or jobs that run into unsocial hours. For example, leaks do not always happen during the day! Another thing to bear in mind viagra generic. canadian online pharmacy. viagra online. http://cialisgeneric20mgbest.com/. mexican pharmacy. buy cialis online is that construction jobs may pay their plumbers more in order to get them to work longer to finish the job earlier or on time.

    So you can see the earnings a plumber can make can be very promising indeed. In fact if you are considering a career that has the potential to make you a lot of money, this would be a good one to think about.

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    • Rick S. says:
      September 22, 2012

      Hi, thanks for the information. I recently moved to Cape Town and have been looking for a way to help with the bills. I think this may be what I have been looking for.

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