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  • Why Becoming an Accountant Can Pay Dividends

    Becoming an AccountantIt can take several years to get the qualifications you need to become an accountant in South Africa. However the years you invest in doing this will be well rewarded when you finally get the qualifications that are required.

    Good rewards in store

    Some parts of the job market are very competitive in South Africa. However, accountancy is not one of them. Indeed it is very much the opposite – companies and employers of all kinds are in need of accountants with the right qualifications, and they are struggling to find the people they need.

    This is why you will be well rewarded when you finally qualify to be an accountant. It can really pay dividends to study for this career, because you will get a degree of job safety that may not always be possible on other career paths. This is particularly the case if you turn out to be exceptionally good at your job. Since employers are struggling to find the accountants they need, they’re not going to let a really good one get away if they find them!

    You can choose to work in a business you have a real interest for

    Accountants are needed in all kinds of business areas. For example if you have a passion for public service you could find a position with a business that works in that particular area. Another example would be to choose a job working for a charity you really believe in. Even though you will be well paid for doing your job, you will still be helping a worthwhile cause in your own way.

    You can find a business area that pays particularly well

    Some businesses pay better wages than others. This is just as true in South Africa as it is across the rest of the world. This means you can look for an accounting position that plays to your strengths and also offers a better salary than perhaps the same position would offer in a different business.

    Even better possibilities at the top of the ladder

    Not all accountants go on to become chartered accountants. This means that an industry that is undersubscribed already becomes even more so when you reach the top of the ladder. You should have no problems finding work if you attain this qualification, since most businesses will have the need of a chartered accountant but they’ll have few to choose from.

    If you are able to climb the ladder in this way you can earn even more money if you become an independent contractor. This means working on your own (or setting up a business) and deciding how much to charge. Typically speaking there are better rewards in store here than there would be if you were working as an employee.

    Of course, experience is just as important as qualifications. So make sure you work hard to complete your training and then gain real experience in the workplace. You’ll have plenty of workplaces to choose from!

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    • J.J. says:
      November 11, 2012

      I’m good with numbers, but I’m not out of school just yet. Are part-time accounting positions common?

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