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    If you have an interest in and a love of animals, you may like to consider becoming a vet. A veterinary surgeon, to use their proper and full title, has a challenging job that could involve a number of different tasks on a daily basis. Therefore as you would expect, the training is very involved and takes some time to complete.

    If you want to know more about the challenge to become a vet, keep reading. We have covered some of the main areas you will want to know about.

    What does a vet do?

    Just as a doctor helps to diagnose medical problems in humans and treat them accordingly, so a vet does the same thing in the animal world. The vast majority of vets treat pets, but there are some who train to treat other animals such as livestock and wild animals that may have been caught because they are poorly.

    As such this is a challenging role and one that requires lots of determination and study to achieve. Of course, once you get there the rewards and satisfaction are considerable.

    Veterinary Training

    What training do you have to complete to become a vet?

    You must study for a BVSc to become a vet in South Africa. This is a Bachelor of Veterinary Science. Before you study for this you must have a National Senior Certificate in order to be accepted onto a degree course. The degree course lasts for five years; indeed you need to have studied for this period of time at the very least in order to register as a vet. This is done with the South African Veterinary Council.

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    Vet Jobs

    What jobs are available for vets?

    Of course the most popular and obvious job for a vet is that of working in a vet’s surgery. This role requires you to work with lots of different animals that are kept as pets. You will see lots of people and animals on a daily basis, administering regular injections, treating all kinds of injuries and diseases and also helping the owners take the best care of their pets.

    Other vets work with larger animals, perhaps specialising in other areas. For example some vets will work in the agricultural field, treating horses, cows, pigs and various other animals kept on farms and similar areas. In this case the vet will travel more and go out to see the animals, rather than the other way around. You must like travelling and be willing to venture into all kinds of different situations in this case. You can imagine not all calls will come during the day either; sometimes you may be called out somewhere at night, perhaps because an animal has gone into labour or has experienced problems of some kind.

    When you become a vet you open the door to a career that will never give you the same day twice. This means you can enjoy a fulfilling and ever varied career that is always there to satisfy you.

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