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While the title of ‘web designer’ sounds relatively simple, it is in fact a job title that covers all manner of different jobs. However the end result is they create websites for the internet, basically from the ground up.

If you are interested in becoming a web designer, it’s a good idea to find out more about what to expect in this job role.

What does a web designer do?

Put as simply as possible, a web designer creates websites that present content to the world on the internet. These websites could be anything from a very simple three page site to a complex, multi layered site that has hundreds of pages.

Thus the job contains a number of tasks that are carried out on a regular basis. However not all web designers will work in the same way. For example some designers are able to handle complex programming, whereas others will hire programmers to tackle this part for them. Another example is in the content that web designers need to populate the web pages they create. Sometimes they will be able to write these pages on their own, whereas other web designers will contract the work out to an experienced writer.

The bottom line is for a web designer to be able to design an entire website effectively to achieve the end goal for the client.

Web Designer Training

What kind of training is required to be a web designer?

There is a wide degree of variation in the training web designers have before they start work in the profession. Since it is possible to design a website from the ground up and produce it for publication on the internet without any training at all, it is more than possible to be self taught.

If you do want to seek a qualification to help things along, getting a National Diploma in Information Technology will help immensely. Even though not all employers ask for this, it will look good whenever you apply for a position.

It is worth noting that experience can count for just as much if not more than qualification. Indeed many job adverts in South Africa call for experience in a list of areas, such as knowledge of HTML and CSS, not to mention various other elements such as Java and Adobe Creative Suite. So even if you teach yourself how to use these things, you will be expected to demonstrate your expertise. Building a portfolio is a good idea, whether you opt for training or not.

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Web Designer Jobs

What jobs are available in web design and what do they entail?

One of the best job titles to aim for as you take your first tentative steps into this industry is that of junior web designer. You’ll still need experience to get this role though. Elsewhere there are lots of web designer jobs, although sometimes they will be a little more specific. Examples include a web graphic designer, where you would be required to know a lot about various graphics programs. A web and mobile designer is another good example, where the main onus is on creating mobile websites.

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